Invite Users to Your Telpay Online Account

Invite team members and assign each of them different roles and permissions using Telpay Online. 


  1. Navigate to Company Preferences
  2. Select Users and Roles
  3. Click Add User



4. Fill in your team member's email, first and last name, job title, and permissions based on their         account role. 



Account Roles and their Permissions

  • Pay Bills:
    • Access information from within the Pay Bills module.
    • Reports and dashboards will only include Pay Bills information.
  • Pay Runs:
    • Access information from within the Pay Runs module.
    • Reports and dashboards will only include Pay Run information.
  • Receive funds:
    • Access information from within the Receive Funds module. Reports and dashboards will only include Receive Funds information.
  • Admin:
    • Ability to create and remove existing users, change the Integration settings, Funding types, Company Info, Users and Roles, and Company Preferences.
    • Admin has access to all areas of the reporting.
  • Approver:
    • You will have to set an approval limit for each Approver.
      • At least one Approver should have signing authority over the business' bank account.
      • One of the Approvers should always have an approval amount that is the same or equal to your company's Daily Limit.
    • Ability to approve and reject payments and pay runs.
    • Access to all reporting.

Setting Up Approvers

  1. If you are selecting an Approver role, you will need to specify the limit amount that this team member will be able to approve in a single approval. That amount will need to be within your company's Daily Limit.
  2. Select an Approver from the dropdown list. Only Approvers who have an approval limit equal to or above the one being requested will be able to approve the request for a new user.


Once a role is approved, an invitation is sent to the team member's email that you provided.  They will need to follow the instructions and create a password for their Telpay Online account. 



Check Invitation Status

You can see the status of your invitations under the Users & Roles. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 11.14.00 AM.png



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