How to Delete a Single Payroll Item in Telpay for Business

Once you transmit a file to Telpay you have the option to delete the entire file or just one item within the file

 1. From the main menu click on Delete transmitted payments.


From there you will see the payroll file, click on it to highlight and display the list of employees at the bottom.



2. Click on the delete box beside the item you would like to delete and the click on Submit for Transmission. 


The software will prompt "are you sure", click yes and you will see the review and transmit screen. 



 3.  Enter your authorized officers password and click send deletions. 

 You will receive a confirmation report and then be prompted to backup your software.



**Important Note! 

When you have deleted one or more items in your payroll file you MUST send the full amount of the original payroll file BEFORE the deletion.  Sending less funds than the original file will not process your payroll.  Once all of the funds have been received by Telpay the payroll will be released and the excess funds will be returned to your company bank account. 

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