How to Create a Bill Payment

Navigate to Pay Bills from the left menu and click "Create Bill Payment”.



Enter the name of the Biller or organization you wish to pay. The search will return all relevant results from your Biller list. If your Biller isn't listed, you can add it to Biller Management.



  • Enter a date and an amount for the payment.
  • If you want to assign this specific payment to a different GL than the one provided for the biller, you can change it here.
  • You can add tax if you want to break the invoice total into line items and tax values.
  • You can attach your invoice if you want to keep a record.
  • Depending on your Biller selection, the payment may require invoice details. Enter invoice details if the Biller requires them. If necessary, you have the option to add additional invoices.



Finished entering the payment details? Select add & go to payments if you're done, or add and create new if you need to make additional payments.

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