How to Import Payments from QuickBooks Desktop to Telpay Online

Step 1: Create a Payment

In QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Click Vendors
  2. Select Enter Bills


After clicking on Enter Bills, choose who you want to pay from the Vendor dropdown and enter their payment details:

  • Date
  • Amount Due
  • Bill Due
  • Memo Field:  Enter invoice details and description into the memo field.



Step 2: Create a Report

Once you have created your payments, the next step is to create a report.

  1. Click Reports  
  2. Select Vendors and Payables
  3. Click Unpaid Bills Detail - once clicked QuickBooks Desktop will open the report you need to import to Telpay.



Step 3: Exporting a CSV file froom QuickBooks Desktop

When QuickBooks Desktop opens the report:

  1. Click on the Customize Report button
  2. A Modify Report window will appear. From the Columns section, select the details that need to be exported:
    • Date, Name, Memo (optional), Num, Due Date, Account, and Open Balance.


These Columns will match perfectly with the Telpay Import Map Template, including invoice details. (Image below)


Once the report is ready to be exported

  1. Click Excel
  2. Select Create New Worksheet
  3. From the Send Report to Excel window, select create a Create a comma separate values (.csv) file,
  4. Click on Export 
  5. Save the file





Step 4: Import the QuickBooks Desktop CSV file into Telpay Online

Your file is now ready to be imported.

  1. Open platform
  2. Click on Pay Bills
  3. Select Import Payments browse for your file and double-click on it.


  1. Once imported, the Import will match your QuickBoooks Desktop fields to Telpay. 
  2. Click Continue



The Import Payments screen will display your payments including invoice details.

  1. Disregard the blank Choose Biller rows
  2. Click Import Payments.




Once you finalized your import, your file is ready to be processed for payment and send for approval. Learn how to Send Approvals for Payments





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