How to Import Payments from Sage 50 to Telpay Online

Step 1: Prepare and Export Payment

In Sage 50 

  1. Enter the invoice for the Vendors (Billers) you would like to import.

  2. Go to Reports > Report Centre > Vendors & Purchases > Purchase transactions.



3. Change your date range to the appropriate dates and generate the report.  You can save it as        an excel in a location of your choice.  You are now ready to import into TPO.




Step 4: Import the Sage 50 file into Telpay Online

Your file is now ready to be imported.

  1. Open platform
  2. Click on Pay Bills
  3. Select Import Payments browse for your file and double-click on it.paybills-import.gif

4.  Once have the file in place it should recognize that it is a Sage 50 file and you will see this in 
      the bottom right of the screen.



5.  Click on View Import and then enter the payment date you would like to use for the batch.         Click continue.


6.  If this is the first time you are importing you may have to associate the biller you are paying with       a biller that has already been set up in your list. 


 The biller needs to exist in your Telpay biller list prior to importing a payment for them.  This can 
  either be done by Add a Biller or Import Biller functions. 





7. Once the billers have been matched to the billers on your list, click import payments.




8. Once you finalized your import, your file will appear in your payment list and is ready to be
     processed for payment.



9.  You can then select all or some to send for approval.  Choose your approver of action, the approver will be notified via email and they can proceed to the approval screen and action all of the payments.  Learn how to Send Approval for Payments.




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