How to Create a Payroll File Directly in Telpay Online


Step 1:  Add Employees

In Pay Employees, go to Employee List and Add Employee and their details.



Step 2: Create Pay Run

  • To initiate the payment process for employees, go to "Pay Employees" and choose "Pay Runs Pending," then click on "Create Pay Run."
  • Input a payment name and payment date.
  • Proceed by entering the net pay amount next to the names of employees you want to include in the pay run. For any employees you are not paying, leave the payment amount blank next to their name. Once all values have been filled, select "Create Pay Run" to finalize the process.



Step 3 - Send for Approval

To send a pay run for approval, start by selecting the specific pay run you want to send and then click on "Preview."

Next, choose the approver(s) to whom you wish to send the payments. Once you've made your selection, click on "Send," and the chosen approver(s) will be notified of the request.



To keep track of the approval status, you can review the requests under "Pending/Approved Pay runs."


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