How to Setup Recurring Pre-Authorized Debits

Step 1: Create a list of Payors

In Receive Funds, go to Payor Management and Add Payor detalils

  • To set up recurring pre-authorized debit requests, first, create a payor under the payor list.
  • Choose the type of payor - Individual or Company
  • Complete the payor details
  • You have the option to attach a copy of the payor’s signed Pre-Authorized Debit agreement.



Step 2: Create Requests

In Pending Request, select "Create Requests."

  • Enter the amount and date for the request, and choose a payee and category. If the request is recurring, specify the end date, number of recurrences, or end by field.
  • Additionally, acknowledge that you have collected the necessary documentation (Pre-Authorized Debit agreement) from your customers in accordance with Fintrac Requirements as outlined in your Terms and Conditions with Telpay.


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