Import Easypay into Telpay

1.  Please ensure Easypay is set up to process Direct Deposits by selecting:

Edit> Company> Features> and select ‘Direct Deposit Feature’

2. Enter employee bank account information in Easypay by selecting: 
Edit> Employee> Profile> Individual Employee> Banks> and enter employee banking information. Please ensure the ‘Pay Employee by Direct Deposit’ is selected

Your Payroll must now be calculated in order to proceed. 

3. Follow the normal payroll steps as far as printing the ‘Payroll Register’ or ‘Cheque Register’.
Then, from the Main Menu, select: Payroll> Cheques/Deposits>
On the Direct Deposit Tab, select: Institutions> Telpay

4. From the Direct Deposit Menu select: Create File
Enter your file due date (pay date), and your Telpay 7-digit access number.
The file creation date, sequence number and CPA source file will be fill in for you. 
Leave the source sub-type and test transmission blank.

Please Note: 
The destination folder path must be:
(####### is your Telpay access number)

5. You will receive a confirmation screen that the file has been created

6. To verify the contents of the file, print the Direct Deposit Register 
From the Main Menu select: Payroll> Cheques/Deposits
On the Direct Deposit Tab select ‘Register’
This will also list the location and name of the file that will be transmitted

7.  Open Telpay for Business select Payroll Files under Importing or Creating

8. Select ‘File of Payments”  
The ‘Source File Description’ should be “200 Payroll Deposit”.  
The file should now show up in the window under Telpay File Format.  
Highlight the file and click ‘Next Step’

9. Your payroll file has been imported into Telpay for Business.  Confirm the contents of the file and enter the date of deposits.  Select 'Next'.

10. You have the option to remit your payroll deductions along with your payroll or use the bill pay functionality of Telpay for Business. Please refer to our CRA remittance training manual or contact our Customer Service Team for information.  Click 'Submit for Transmission'.

11. A payroll summary will be printed for your records and you will be brought to the confirmation screen. Here you simply need to confirm the payroll file contents and click 'Next'.

12. Enter your approval code or email your signing officers for approval.  Once done, click on 'Select Payment Option.

13. Choose your preferred funding time option and select 'Send Payments'.
Payroll funding times options: 
  1. Send the funds to Telpay from your financial institution’s online bill payment service, or;
  2. Instruct Telpay to debit your bank account*

*Advanced Debits funding option is only available to existing Telpay for Business desktop users.


14. Once your system has successfully connected to Telpay, you will receive a Transmission Report which you can print or continue. This report will be stored in the history of your Telpay for Business software.

15. You will then be required to back up your system. Select a network drive or an external drive. Then click 'Backup'.

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