Payroll Funding Option 2 - Telpay Debits Your Account

*Advanced Debits funding option is only available to existing Telpay for Business desktop users.

You may request Telpay to automatically withdraw the money from your bank account through Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD). This option requires 4 business days to process your payments.

How it works?

  1. Request Telpay to automatically withdraw the money in advance of your payment date. Telpay will request a pre-authorized debit (PAD) from your account just as we do for collecting monthly and usage fees.
  2. This advance debit option is subject to review by Telpay.  A fee of up to $150 may apply. For more information on this funding option, please speak to a Telpay representative.
  3. Telpay only works with guaranteed funds and we must wait until those funds are cleared to us from the bank. Your payroll file must be sent to Telpay 5 business days prior to your payroll date. The next business day, the funds will be debited from your account. We will then hold the funds until they clear and process your payroll file accordingly so employees will wake up on payday with their funds in their bank accounts.
    For example, you need to send us your file on a Monday so the employees can be paid the following Monday, Tuesday for the following Tuesday, etc. Keep in mind, if there is a bank holiday in between when you send us the file and your payroll date, you need to add additional day(s) to the processing time. View our holiday funding schedule for non processing dates. 
  4. Telpay process bill payment transactions and vendors are paid after the funds are cleared.

If you require more information or clarification, please contact a Customer Care Professional at 1-800-665-0302 or


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