No Employee Bank Account

One of our employees does not have a bank account, does he have to wait a week for his cheque to arrive in the mail?

If an employee does not have banking information your company can produce a cheque for this individual as you would have done prior to using Telpay.  If you would like Telpay to produce a cheque for this employee you can add this individual as a “new biller” in the Telpay software.
How do I set up my Telpay payroll when some individuals will be paid by cheque?

Telpay will not issue cheques to your employees, it is up to you to issue payroll cheques.  If you are auto-importing a payroll and employees names come through who are receiving a cheque, rather than a direct deposit payment,  you must select the check box on the left-hand side of the employee’s name. This will ensure the employee is not paid direct deposit and therefor their individual payroll amount will not be included in your final Telpay payroll amount. 
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