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What if you search for a biller and several options come up when you click find, but you aren't sure which biller is actually the one you want to pay?

There will be a postal code displayed for each biller, and if you click on each one you will also see a phone number. You can verify the biller with these details. If you are still unsure, customers can call 800-665-0302 and have a Customer Care Professional look through the database of billers to select the appropriate one.


I've looked in my biller list and some are ST and some are CS. What is the difference?

On imported billers they will initially show up as CS if they aren't on our biller list. Once they are sent to Telpay, our system assigns them a CSB #. After the biller list updates in the software, they will have the ST code.


If a company is already in your database, how do I validate/change the e-mail address to send the notice to?

You can call Telpay’s customer care at 800-665-0302 to verify the email address. Changes to a billers email address will have to be emailed to 
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