Entering Payables Directly into Telpay for Business

1. Select "Add New Billers" under the "Manage Billers" section on the Main Menu of the Telpay for Business software


 2. Select who the payment is made to based on the options provided:

  • A Business or Organization
  • A Provincial or Federal Government Agency
  • an Individual or its a Funds Transfer


3. Select "Biller Name" and type in the name of the company you wish to pay.  Press "Find".


4. If the company you wish to pay does not already exists in the Telpay for Business database, you will receive this message. Press "Ok"


5. Since the company you wish to pay does not currently exist in the Telpay for Business database, you are given the option to add it by selecting "Create your own biller"


6. Once you have selected "Create your own biller", you will need to fill in the "Biller/Customer Account Number".  This is the number the company uses to identify you as a customer


7. Fill in the mailing address, phone number, email address and business number for the company you wish to pay.  If you do not have the business number, select "not available"

NOTE: If you do not have the email address, you can use a fax number as well as entering the email address billernoemail@telpay.ca into the email line.

Lastly, key in the companies banking information.  You will be asked to re key for accuracy. 

Once all required information is filled in, select "Ok"


8. Select the date you would like the payment made on


9. If you need to provide the biller with more information about the payment, such as, an invoice number or invoice details, select "yes".  If additional information is not required, select "no"


10. Key in the amount of the payment and tab over once. The refundable GST/HST will fill in as $0.00, tab over again


11. The "Distribution Details" box confirms the details of your payments.  Press "Accept"


12. Confirm your payments and select "Accept"


13. Select "Transmit" 


14. Enter Authorized Officer’s password; click ‘Send Payments’.

15. You will be presented with the Funding screen. Choose your preferred funding option, and then click ‘Send Payments’.

16. Once your system has successfully connected to Telpay, you will receive a Transmission Report which you can print or continue. This report will be stored in the history of your Telpay for Business software.

17. You will then be required to back up your system. Select a network drive or an external drive. Then click 'Backup'.

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