Updating Banking or Email Information

Is there a difference between updated bank account information for billers entered directly in Telpay for Business vs. Importing? Are T4B users allowed/able to update bank account information?

If you have a biller who gets new bank account information you can update this yourself in your Telpay software.

If it is a biller you have manually keyed into the T4B software you can access their biller details by selecting 'View and Modify Billers' delete the desired bill and re-add them.

If the biller information is imported from your vendor list in your accounting software, you cannot click 'View Biller Details' and change their information because this information is technically stored in your accounting software. In this case, you must delete them as a biller and import them again from your accounting software when you are sending them a new payment. Telpay for Business will recognize them as a new biller and you will have to put in their new banking information.


If you are changing the email address to any biller (imported or manually added) you will need to send the email changes to biller@telpay.ca

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