Get Started with Payroll Direct Deposit

Below are the steps to help you get set up for payroll direct deposit.


Step 1: Authorization Form

If you haven't signed up for Telpay for Business, please complete our Business Payment Application Form.  

Please note: Before submitting this form you will need to upload a copy of your company's void cheque, articles of incorporation and have your Authorized Officer(s) electronically sign the authorization form. 


Step 2: Download & Install Telpay for Business

Download Telpay for Business Software and follow our Software Installation InstructionsTelpay for Business Software User Agreement and Terms of Service


Step 3: Activate & Set Up Telpay for Business Software

To activate Telpay for Business, the software will prompt you to enter a Temporary PIN.  This PIN is a small random amount that Telpay will deposit to your bank account. It takes approximately 1 to 2 business days for this deposit to appear in your bank account.  

Once you know the deposit amount, launch your software and begin system setup.  

Review and follow Software Setup Instructions and Integration with Payroll Programs


Step 4: Account Approval Process

Your Senior Officer and Primary User will be notified by email as soon as your account has been approved. Your system is ready to begin sending payments.


Step 5: Submit Your Payroll

Telpay works with a variety of payroll systems.  Choose your system from the list below.  

Calculate payroll for free with Canada Revenue Agency's Payroll Calculator
Sage 50
Create a Payroll File


Step 6: Funding Payments to Telpay

Each time you transmit a payroll file to Telpay, you will be prompted to choose a Funding Payment option.  Choose the Funding Payment Option that works for you.

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