How International Payments Work with Payline

You must have your International Biller's bank account information. You can only select Funding Option 1. International Payments are $2.50 each plus exchange rate. The working rate generated, is the most recent Bank of Canada Noon Rate for the currency.  Actual trade rates will be based off of the live market and will fluctuate moment by moment.

Step 1: You must contact Payline (1-888-989-4636 Option 6) our international payments partner and setup a free account with them explaining you are using Telpay to send your payments internationally. You will receive a Payline customer ID and an account number to be used to debit/credit you with exchange differences.

Step 2: You can now configure this information from Payline into Telpay for Business software by clicking on "International Payment Setting" which is located underneath the "System Administration" heading on the Telpay for Business main menu.

Step 3: Set your international payments provider to Payline

Step 4: Enter in both your username and password provided to you by Payline. You are now ready to start making international payments. This function will be prompted when you change the currency when entering your international biller's information.

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