How To Sign Up to Receive Money

What You Need to Get Started with the Application

Step 1: Sign Up
Complete the sign up form.

1. Your Business Number

This is the first 9 digits of your GST registration number; for charities it is the first 9 digits of your charitable organizaion number; for businesses in Quebec be sure to use your 9-digit CRA number.

2. Account Receivable Contact
Provide name, email, fax information of your designated main contact from your Accounts Receivable department

3. Accounting System
Identify accounting software used by your business.

4. Payment Information
Indicate how often you would like payments to be deposited into your account. Confirm distribution method for payment notification and choose if you would like the report in English or French.

Step 2: Submission

After the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your Submission ID and a link to a Biller Agreement.

Return this Agreement, signed by your Senior Signing Officer, along with a copy of a void cheque (no counter cheques) and a copy of your invoice or bill. A copy of your organization's void cheque and invoice allows us to ensure that complete banking and company information has been provided.



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