Change or Reset PIN (password)

How can I change or reset my PIN?
  • From the Main Menu in the Telpay for Business software select System Administration.
  • Next, choose Payment Authorization and Password Control. 
  • Next, within the Payment Authorization and Password Control window you are able to click in the appropriate password field of each of your users and enter in the old password and new password. (You must enter the new password twice for accuracy) 
  • Click OK and then Click OK again to confirm the changes. (You will be notified to keep your new passwords confidential, Click OK). Your new password has now been applied and is ready for use.
  • If you are locked out of the Telpay software, our support team needs to reset the password. An email on company letter head from the signing officer needs to be sent requesting the reset.  You must also attach your access # folder as a zip file and send it to This is a manual process for our IT department and therefore a $50 password reset fee applies. 
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