Assigning Signing Officers

How do I add another signing officer?

In the 'System Administration' screen under 'Payment Authorization and Password Control', you will be able to create a new signing officer including their permissions and password. 
Please also fill out a change of information form so Telpay has the correct names on your account. Please contact a support representative to send you a form at 1-800-665-0302 and fax it to 1-866-396-2548 or email to  
How do I change Signing officers on my Telpay for Business Account?

A Change of Information Form is required to be filled out and faxed to 1-866-396-2548 or emailed to Unless the original signer can sign off on the change, Telpay also needs proof that the new person has signing authority, ie: a bank signature card.
If you are adding new authorized officer in your software you can do that yourself in System Admin/Payment Authorization and Password Control.
PLEASE NOTE FOR CHANGE OF BANKING INFORMATION: If a change of banking information is requested, please be aware that this change cannot take place if there are pending payroll or bill payment files.  After the change of banking information takes place, a random debit/credit amount is processed to the new bank account and therefore, you will not have access to your Telpay for Business software for two business days.  To help make the process as efficient as possible, please indicate the date in which you would like the change banking information to take place on. 


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