PAD processing instructions


To use Pre-Authorized Debits, a business must be subscribed to Telpay for Business. Additional eligibility requirements may apply. Click here to learn more. 

Processing Pre-Authorized Debits

1. From the main menu, 'Under Importing or Creating', select ‘Collection Files’.

2. From the ‘Source file description’ drop down box, select the type of collection you need to do.
3. Select ‘Create a New file’, or if you would like to use a file you have already created you can click ‘Reuse or Revise an Existing File’.

4. Enter a reference number, the name, banking information, and the total amount for each collection.

5. Enter the date you would like the funds to be withdrawn from the accounts.  Please note that the funds will be held for 4 business days after the date of withdrawal before being deposited into your business’ account.

Click ‘Next’

7. Check the entries on the confirmation screen and select ‘Next’.

8. This will bring you to the Review and/or Transmit Payments screen.  Enter the required ‘Authorized Officer’s password’ or e-mail for approval.  Once the PIN has been entered click on ‘Send Payments’.

9. Once your system has successfully connected to Telpay, you will receive a Transmission Report which you can print or continue. This report will be stored in the history of your Telpay for Business software.

10. You will then be required to back up your system. Select a network drive or an external drive. Then click 'Backup'
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