Software Installation Instructions - Telpay for Business

Installing Telpay for Business 
NOTE: You must install Telpay for Business using an administrative account and not as a non-privileged user. If you receive any errors related to permissions, “Access Denied”, or errors suggesting an action occurred due to lack of privileges, ensure that you are using an account with administrative privileges.
After the software has been successfully installed, non-privileged users, who plan on using the software, must be granted administrative permissions to the Telpay for Business program directory, typically C:\billpay .
1. Download Telpay for Business here. Click the ‘Telpay for Business v7.0*’ button and click ‘Save File’. You may choose to save it to your desktop or another location of your choice.   Telpay for Business Software User Agreement and Terms of Service"
2. Once the download is complete, close all running software including Microsoft Outlook. 
3. Open the setup file which by default is named “TelpaySetup” to begin installation. The following screen appears: 
Note: If you are already a Telpay user the screen will read that you are changing or removing software.

4. Select 'Next' to start the installation.

5. Select 'View License Agreement' to review the End-User License Agreement. You will be required to open the license agreement in order to proceed to the next step.
6. Check the 'I accept the terms of this License Agreement' box and then select 'Next'. 

7. Note that the default installation directory is C:\billpay.  Select 'Next'.


8. Select 'Install’. The software will now install to your computer.


9. If you are a QuickBooks user, click 'Next' to install the QuickBooks software components, otherwise select 'Finish'.
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