No Banking Information Available for Canadian Payments

How do I pay a Canadian biller when I do not have the banking information nor does Telpay?

You will only need to include their full mailing address to set them up initially. Telpay will determine whether we already have their banking information. If Telpay does not have their banking information then a cheque will be mailed out for each payment until the banking information is obtained. With each cheque a Biller Information form is included requesting the banking information.

Will we be notified if a Canadian biller does not give you their bank account information for the second payment?

No, there is no notification sent. If the biller is an organization or a business, Telpay will continue to send payments by cheque. If it is an individual or funds transfer, Telpay will not be able to send any payments until we receive banking information for direct deposit.

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