Upgrade Error - Telpay for Business 6.6

The first time you launch Telpay for Business 6.6 you will see a screen titled "Update Telpay Software" - Updating Your Bill Payment Software. Please do not turn off your computer during the process.

Next you see a run time error message like error number 9: record no 123456 ABC Company Limited BC DY 0000 10"

This is a problem caused by a biller update file leftover from version 6.5. To solve this error, close the Telpay for Business software. Browse to your \billpay\Receive folder. If there are files named BUPDxxxx or BILLS03, remove them (moving them to the trash can is fine). Re-launch the software.

Rename your \billpay\telpay\BILLS03 file to \billpay\telpay\BILLS03.SAV.

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