Option 3: Send Your Customers a Message by Email or Mail

You can let your customers know that you are receiving electronic payments by sending them a message by email or mail.  This is a great opportunity to educate your customers on the benefits of the new online payment option.

Here is an example:


You've likely heard that in the last few years, electronic payments have been the accepted norm rather than the exception for many businesses.  Today, more and more businesses are replacing their cheques with electronic payments.  

We have made the decision to accept electronic payments online through Telpay Inc.  Established in 1985, Telpay is Canada's trusted and largest independent payment processor who processed over $14 billion in payments in 2013. Telpay's simple online electronic payment solution is a safe and secure way for you to send your payments.

Getting Started is Easy

Register today by visiting our website, www.yourwebsite.com (or www.telpay.ca/online).

There are no fees for you. No set up, monthly, or transaction fees.  Now you can replace your cheque process with a free online payment solution. 



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