Software Set Up Instructions - Telpay for Business

Phase 1: Configuring the Telpay for Business software on your system
Please Note: The Signing Officer on your Telpay Account must be present for software setup.
1. Download and launch Telpay for Business. Telpay for Business Software User Agreement and Terms of Service

2. Type in your Telpay Access Number in the Activating Your Telpay Software window. Your Access Number is your 7-digit account number which can be found in the email titled ‘Action required: Telpay for Business authorization form’. Select 'Next'. 

3. The software requires an internet connection to communicate with Telpay. Select 'OK'.

4. The 'Configure Telpay for Business' window opens. Select 'Next'. 


5. In the System Access and Authorization window, select:

  • the number of persons required to authorize system administration changes,
  • the number of persons required to authorize payments (by selecting two people, this acts as the dual signing authorization function) and
  • whether or not to enable Remote Authorization. Remote Authorization allows a user to email authorization for approval to a/the signing officer(s).  

Select 'Next' to proceed.

6. In the User Setup window enter the names and job titles of individuals who require access to the Telpay for Business software.  
Admin Changes: Those with permission to make admin changes are able to change user names, email addresses, passwords and software settings
Data Entry: Users with data entry permission are able to enter and set up payroll and payment information
Authorized Officer: Users with authorized officer permissions are able to approve payments.  These users should be signing officers only
Select 'Next' to proceed.

7. Select 'Next' on the General Ledger window to proceed with the next step.

8. In the General Ledger Accounts, window select your accounting system.  
  • Enter your operating bank account general ledger name or number from your chart of accounts. In most cases, this is numeric however if you are a QuickBooks Desktop user it will be the name of the account.

    In QuickBooks, if the bank account is a subaccount, the account name in Telpay has to be “Main Account: Subaccount” For example, if the Main Account is Cash and the Bank Account is called CIBC it would be entered in Telpay as cash:cibc
  •  Telpay recommends setting up an account titled “Telpay” specifically for payments that will be processed by Telpay (it must be a bank account type). This account assists in reconciling your operating bank account; your individual Telpay payments will be posted to this account rather than your operating bank account.  

  •  Enter the account name or number of your GST/HST payable account.  This is only required if you will be recording your GST/HST in the Telpay software rather than your accounting software.  

  • If you will be using the Telpay software to record the total amount owing in your Accounts Payable account, enter the name or GL number. If you will not be using this option, leave the box blank.
Select 'Next'.  

9. Follow the instructions on the Complete Configuration window. Select 'Apply Settings'.

10. You have completed phase 1 of the Telpay for Business setup. Select 'Finish'.

Phase 2: Customizing your Telpay for Business Software 

Before starting this section, ensure that a Signing Officer has retrieved the Temporary PIN. 
To retrieve your Telpay pin: One to two business days after you apply for service, Telpay will make a small credit/debit to your bank account. This amount will act as your temporary PIN for your software.  For example, if the amount is $0.50, use 0050 to log in to the software. The software requires that four digits are entered. 
11. In this setup phase, you will log on to the Telpay for Business Software. Select ‘Continue’ on the Log On to Telpay Payment Services window. 

12. For Security purposes, a window will prompt confirmation that a Signing Officer is present to complete the software setup, OR, that you are acting with the authority of a signing officer. When ready, select 'Yes'.

13. The next window asks for the deposit amount (Temporary Pin). For example, if $0.50 was deposited in your account, enter 0050 into the four boxes. Select 'Next' to proceed.

14. Review and check the clauses on the Acknowledgement window and then select 'OK'.

15. The following window will appear. Select 'OK'.

16. The Configure Telpay for Business window appears. Select 'Next'.

17. Review the System Access and Authorization window to confirm the settings.  Select 'Next'.

18. The User Setup window requires the assignment of a password to each user profile. Passwords must be 4 digits long and may be made up of letters, numbers or a combination of both. Passwords are case-sensitive. 
Important: Passwords are stored in your software and do not get transmitted to Telpay. If the system administrator password is forgotten, Telpay must reset all of your users’ passwords. There is a $50.00 fee for a password reset.
After creating the password(s), select 'Next' to proceed.

19. In the General Ledger Accounts window, verify the account names previously inputted. Select 'Next'.

20. Follow the instructions in the Complete Configuration window. Select 'Apply Settings'.

21. Select 'Finish' to complete the software setup.

22. The Telpay for Business login window will appear.  You can sign in with the passwords that you created.  You are now ready to start making payments.
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