Processing USD Payments

1) Prior to paying a vendor you first need to set them up.  From the main menu under "Manage Billers" click on “Add new biller”.


2) You will then be prompted for the biller’s name, your account number with that biller and the name or number of the GL that you would like the expense to go to, then click "next".


3) You will then be prompted for the complete information for your biller including the banking information.   Once done click "OK".

You can now either setup additional billers or go ahead and start paying.


4) From the main menu under Bills and Payables click on Pay Bills and setup Payables


5) Choose your payment date (currently this must be a Wednesday or Friday).  Enter in the last 3 digits of your account number with the biller or click on view billers and find them in your list.


6)Key in your invoice date, details and amount, click on view dist.  Click accept on the distribution screen and then accept at the bottom of the screen.  You can now either Transmit or continue paying additional billers.

Once all of your payments have been entered you can either put in your authorized officers password or e-mail for approval.  Once they have been entered click on Select payment option. 


7) You will be presented with the Funding screen. Choose your preferred funding option, and then click ‘Send Payments’.


8) You will then be required to back up your system. Select a network drive or an external drive. Then click 'Backup'.


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