Setting up a USD Access Number

These instructions are for existing Telpay Customers Only. If you are an existing Telpay customer, you will already have the Telpay software downloaded on your computer.

If you are not a current Telpay customer looking to set up your USD account, please view our manual here.

Phase 1: Configuring the Telpay for Business USD software on your system
Please Note: The Signing Officer on your Telpay Account must be present for software setup.

1. Please ensure you are running version 6.6.157, if you are running an earlier version please download the newest version of the Telpay for Business software, version 6.6.157, here.

Telpay for Business Software User Agreement and Terms of Service


2.  Once you have ensured you are running version 6.6.157, select 'Setup Additional Telpay Access Number'.


3. Enter the USD Telpay access number you were provided and select 'Next' to proceed.


4.  The Telpay for Business software will confirm that it can connect to the internet, select 'OK'.


5. You will now begin the set up process, select 'Next'.


6. In the System Access and Authorization window, select:

  • the number of persons required to authorize system administration changes,
  • the number of persons required to authorize payments (by selecting two people, this acts as the dual signing authorization function) and
  • whether or not to enable Remote Authorization. Remote Authorization allows a user to email authorization for approval to a/the signing officer(s).  

Select 'Next':


7. In the User Setup window enter the names and job titles of individuals who require access to the Telpay for Business software.  

Admin Changes: Those with permission to make admin changes are able to change user names, email addresses, passwords and software settings
Data Entry: Users with data entry permission are able to enter and set up payroll and payment information
Authorized Officer: Users with authorized officer permissions are able to approve payments.  These users should be signing officers only
Click 'Next' to proceed.


8. Select 'Next' on the General Ledger window to proceed with the next step


9.  Set up your Genearl Ledger information

  • Select the type of accounting software you use.
  • Enter the name or number of your USD Operating Bank account.
  • Enter the name or number of your USD Clearing account.

Select 'Next'.


10. Select 'Apply Settings'


Part 1 is now complete, select 'Finish'

11. On the sign in screen with your USD Telpay access number, select 'Continue'
 12.  A window will prompt that a signing officer is present to complete the software set up, OR , that you are acting with the authority of a signing officer. When ready, press yes.
13. You will be asked for the deposit amount (Temporary Pin) that was credited to your company’s bank account. For example if the deposit amount was $.50, enter 0050 in to the four boxes.
Select 'Next'
14. Review and accept the clauses on the Acknowledgement window and select 'OK'.
15. The Telpay for Business software will confirm that it can connect to the internet, select 'OK'.
Phase 2: Customizing your Telpay for Business USD Software 
16. To being phase 2 of the set up process, select 'Next'
17. Confirm the financial control settings are correct and select 'Next'
18. Assign a password to each user. Passwords must be 4 characters and may consist of letters and/or numbers. Passwords are case sensitive.

Important Passwords are stored in your software and do not get transmitted to Telpay. If the system administrator password is forgotten, Telpay must reset all of your user passwords. There is a $50.00 fee for a password reset.
19. Verify the general ledger information and select 'Next'
20. Select 'Apply Settings'
21.  To complete the set up process select 'Finish'
22.  You can now sign in with the password that you created during the set up process
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