Telpay for Business-USD Payments

NOTE: The following pricing schedule is for USD payments only. Fees listed are in US Dollars. View our Canadian pricing for Canadian payments.

Set up Fee: $99.00 one time charge*
*Applies to new customers only. 

Monthly Fee:  New Customers: $15.00
                     Existing Customers: $10.00

Transaction fees: $2.50 USD Direct Deposit Payment

Miscellaneous Pricing:   

$25.00-Returned electronic payments (includes payroll rejections, electronic bill payment rejections, and refunds)

$40.00-Returned debits (this is inclusive for collection files).

$50.00-Manual Adjustments intervention on client files such as backdating a payroll file.

$25.00-Session Reset

$50.00-Password Reset

$50.00-Payment Tracing 

Manual Information Recovery, $150.00 (1st hour) and $75.00 for each additional hour.

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