Setting up remote authorization

1. Under 'System Administration', select 'Authorization and Password Control'

2. Select 'Remote Authorization Settings' in the top right hand corner

3. When asked, select 'Yes' to "We wish to setup remote authorization"


4. Enter the e-mail address to which remote authorization will be returned:  The email address of the person entering information in to the Telpay software will need to put their email address here so the approval code is received

Remote Authorization Options:  You can select which details are not included in the email to the authorized officer

When you have finished customizing your remote authorization details, select 'OK'

5. You will have the option to send an email for approval to anyone checked off as 'Auth Officer'”.

In order to set up their email, check the Auth Officer box.

6. Enter in email address and select details to include on the remote authorization email

Complete the set up process by selecting 'OK'


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