How do I restore my backup file?

Restoring a back up file is most commonly done when setting up your current Telpay information on a new computer or if your computer has crashed and you have lost your Telpay information.

To restore your back up information, follow these steps or watch a video tutorial:

1. Launch the Telpay for Business icon on your desktop, do not log in

2. Select "Restore Data"


3. Select "Select File" and chose which file you want to back up.  


4. Locate your back up file.  You will want to chose your most recent back up files as listed below.  Select "Open"


5. Select "Restore"


6. Confirm that the backup you are restoring is the most recent file and select "ok"


7.  Once Telpay confirm your back up has been restore, select "ok"


8. You can now log into your Telpay software.  Once you have logged in, ensure that your session number is the next consecutive number


Please Note: For security purposes, your backups should not be located in the same drive as where your Telpay software is downloaded. 



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