I forgot to back up my software after my session. Can I back up manually?

Every time you complete a payroll or payment session in Telpay, you will be asked to Back Up your software.  If you forget, you can manually back up your software by following these three simple steps or, watch our video tutorial:


1) In the “Run” command of your computer (Bring up the “Run” command by pressing the “Windows” key and “R”)


2) Key in the following:

C:\billpay\TPBCBackup.exe c:\billpay\telpay\insert Telpay access number

If your Telpay is downloaded on a network drive other than “C”, please replace C with the correct letter.

You will use your Telpay 7 digit access number behind the final "\".

Please note, this is the drive Telpay is stored, not the drive in which you back up to.

3) Select back up destination, and select "back up".


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