What does it mean when my "Session Numbers Do Not Match"?

If you get a message from Telpay that your session numbers do not match up, this means that the Telpay software was either:

  1. Moved to a different computer without the most recent session back up being restored.
  2. A different computer was used to send the most recent Telpay session.

At the end of every Telpay session, you will be prompted to back up your session to the destination of your choice; You will need to restore your most recent session back up in order to correct the error.

Please note: restoring your session back up will override any file pending in the software under the incorrect session number.

You can fix the error by following these steps:


1. On the sign in dashboard of the Telpay software, select "Restore Data"


2. Select "Select File" to view your back up files


3. Select the appropriate back up file and select open


4. Select "Restore"


5. Confirm you are restoring your Telpay information from a back up file


6. Once your Telpay data has been restored, select "OK"


7. Log back into the Telpay software to confirm that your session number is on the next consecutive number

Please note your backups will not be located in the same drive as Telpay is downloaded on.


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