Adding/Updating Employee Banking Information

Are you paying your employees for the first time and need to add their banking information into Telpay? Follow the step-by-step instructions below or watch a training video.

Please note: you cannot add banking information ahead of time.  You must add this information at the time of the payroll processing (ie: when you import your payroll payments or manually create your payroll file).


1. Under Importing or Creating, select Payroll Files


2. Press Auto- import



3. For those employees who have not been paid by Telpay, they will be listed at the bottom of the list under “Not paid by Telpay”.  Click on the boxes to the right of the employee to enter their banking information.


4. Once the banking information is keyed in, press the tab key until the employee shows in the list with everyone else being paid.


If you are changing an existing employees banking information, simply click on the boxes with existing banking information, you can now delete and key in the new numbers.



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