How do I split the deposit amount for a payroll payment?

Telpay's split deposit feature allows you to allocated a split payroll amount to multiple employee bank accounts based on a percentage or dollar amount.

Follow these easy 3 steps to process a split payment or watch our video tutorial:

1. Click on the dollar amount of the employees pay you wish to split, then click “Split Deposit”


2. Enter in the bank account number/ employee you would like the funds to go to.  

Select if it will be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total pay and the amount, then select "OK"


3.  The payment for the employee is now split on two lines showing the dollar amount for each payment going to separate bank accounts

Please note: The split will reoccur each time you import a payroll file until it has been deleted.

Split deposits are included in your $7.50 flat rate employee file (30 payroll deposits or less).  If you are over 30 payroll deposits, the split payments are processed for $0.25/deposit. 

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