Notify My Suppliers Direct Deposit Form


1. Click the link below to download the Supplier Direct Deposit form.


2. Include a message for your business to send to your suppliers, vendors, and consultants to request their banking information for electronic payments. 




To: [Suppliers receiving payment by cheque]

From: [Your Company Name]

Subject: Direct Deposit / Electronic Payment of Accounts Payable


[Your company’s name] has made the decision to pay all our future invoices electronically using Telpay’s electronic payment platform. Telpay is Canada’s largest independent electronic payment company, processing over $19.5 billion in payments in 2021.


To ensure you receive direct deposit payments into your business bank account, we require your banking information, along with an email address or fax number to direct the payment details to.


Direct deposits payments from our business are free!


Join the thousands of Canadian businesses and individuals who have discovered the benefits of receiving environmentally friendly electronic payments.


What are the benefits of direct deposit for your business?


Convenient - No waiting for cheques to clear or deposits to be prepared. Payments are deposited automatically into your bank account.


Secure - Funds are transferred through Telpay’s secure payment system.


Detailed Payment Notification - You’ll receive a detailed reconciled remittance report with each direct deposit payment


Switching is easy!

Simply complete the attached form and return it to [Your Company Name] by email with a copy of your business void cheque to [Your Company Email Address].


Future payments will be deposited directly into the bank account of your business. It’s free!


Thank you,



Your Name

Your Company Name




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