Request for Collections (Pre-Authorized Debits) Application Form

Pre-Authorized service is designed to serve the following types of organizations and payment collection needs:

Condo fees, property rentals

Government bodies with taxing authority, including municipalities, school boards, and government agencies

  • Professional Organizations and Clubs collecting fees/memberships: e.g. Accountants,
  • Bookkeepers, Engineers, Chambers of Commerce, etc.
  • Insurance premiums, savings plans
  • Monthly Recurring Service Fees: e.g. Alarm Monitoring, Professional Services (accounting), IT
  • Service Fees (SAS/HAS), Maintenance Fees, etc.
  • Educational Institutions to collect tuition fees or registered daycare providers
  • Educational Institutions to collect service fees, lunch program fees, etc.
  • Donations to religious or charitable organizations registered as such with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • General membership – gym, recreational, club memberships

To apply for Pre-Authorized Debits, a business must be subscribed to Telpay for Business payroll direct deposit and/or bill payment service and have completed at least 5 direct deposit and/or bill payment session (combined). Additional eligibility requirements may apply. 

For more information, contact Telpay at 800-665-0302 or

  • $49 Set-up Fee
  • $15 Monthly Fee
  • $0.15* per debit
    *Min. charge of $5.00 per file (1-33 transactions)


Click the image below to complete the Request for Collections (Pre-Authorized Debits) form:

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