How can I pay my utility payments?

You can import your utility payments from your accounting just like you import any other supplier or vendor payment.

Once you have entered the payment details into your accounting program, open up Telpay for Business and follow these step-by-step instructions for processing your utility payments or watch a training video:


On the main menu select "Bill Payment Files".


Make sure the "Accounts Payable" file type is selected and the "Auto-Import" button. 


Your payments have now been imported. The first time your utility vendor payments are imported into Telpay for Business you will be required to configure them.  To configure a utility vendor, select the "Edit" pencil. 


Chose the classification/type of biller you are paying.  Select the "Find" button to search Telpay's biller list to see if this utility vendor already exists in our biller database.


If the search finds one or more matching billers, select the correct one by clicking on the appropriate biller name in the list. Additional details about the biller will be displayed. If the details are acceptable, select ‘Use this Biller’.


After selecting ‘Use this Biller’, the Biller Account No. should be verified.

Please note: QuickBooks Desktop does not store vendor account numbers, therefore, Telpay will automatically insert your biller’s phone number as the account number. We recommend that you override the phone number with your account number assigned to you by the utility vendor to ensure that they can easily match your electronic payment to your account. Telpay for Business will use the account number that you enter for subsequent payment imports

  • Confirm the Biller Account No. for accuracy by re-entering it in the second box. If you have not made changes to the account number, simply click in the second box and the software will inform you that confirmation is not required
  • Enter in a fax number of email address
  • If you are creating a new biller, you may enter their banking information in the section provided at the bottom of the screen. This information is optional, but if you supply it, it ensures that your payment will be made electronically

Select "OK" to confirm the utility vendor information which will return you to the File Review screen.  Your utility vendor will now be highlighted in color to indicate that it has been configured/set up. 


Once you have configured all your utility payments, select "Next".


Confirm the file contents and then select "Next".


Enter Authorized Officer’s password, or email for approval and then select ‘Select Payment Option'.


You will be presented with the Funding screen. Choose your preferred funding option, and then select ‘Send Payments’.


Once your system has successfully connected to Telpay, you will rreceive a Transmission Report which you can print or continue. This report will be stored in the history of your Telpay for Business software.


You will then be required to back up your system. Select a network drive or an external drive. Then select 'Backup'.


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