Can I attach a copy of the invoice when I process my payments?

Telpay's EBills functionality allows you to attach a copy of the invoice you are processing for payment. EBills will import the invoices for you and consolidate them into an easy to read PDF report to send to your signing officer for approval. 

To learn how EBills works, follow the step-by-step instructions below.


1) Create an Email and Folder ahead of time

  • Create a general or group email address that you can receive electronic invoices from all of your suppliers, for example, address. If you are receiving paper invoices, you will be required to scan your paper invoices and then have them sent to the designated accounts payable email address.
  • You will also want to create a new folder to save your EBills invoices in.  For example, create a folder titled New EBills on your shared drive or desktop.   This folder will house all of your unpaid EBills.  Ideally, you will delete the files from this folder once the EBill has been paid.

2) Open your email program and locate the email that contains the invoice. To include as much detail as possible, we  want to save the entire email, not just the attached invoice.  For example in OUTLOOK, open the email that contains the invoice, from the FILE menu select SAVE AS and save the email to your new Ebills folder on your computer.

3) When you save the email and invoice you will have to choose what file type to save it as.  Save the email as a Unicode (*.msg) file type.

4) Start Telpay for Business and from the Main menu, choose Pay EBills and select a payment date.

5) Select ‘Import Saved EBill’ and chose the “New EBills” folder that you created in Step 1.  Telpay will import all EBills in the folder. 

6) Double click each EBill that has been imported. Below is the example invoice we have imported. You can see the details of the email in the top section. To see the invoice details, click the ‘Show Attachments’ button and select the invoice from the drop down.

The invoice is then displayed within the window:


7) If the invoice is for a business that you have previously paid or added in the Telpay software, click on the ‘Pay This EBill’ button. 

If the invoice is for a new business, click the ‘Add New Billers’ button and enter the payment details (invoice date, invoice number, the amount and the GL number)

8) After you have set up all of your EBills for processing, select “Main Menu” and from the Transmission tab, select “Review and/or Transit Payments”.  Your payment batch file will be saved in report form and can be sent to your signing officer for approval. 


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