How to Add a Biller with Multiple Account Numbers

Set Up Biller Multiple Times: For each account number, set up the biller in QuickBooks Online (QBO). Use slightly different names to avoid duplication. For example, if you have three accounts with a biller, set up each one separately.


Integration Process:

    • If prompted with a specific screen, click the down arrow.


    • Select 'View' to display options for existing billers or add new ones from the Telpay verified list.



Add a Biller:

    • Choose 'Add from the Telpay verified list'.


    • Select the matching biller, such as 'Manitoba Hydro'.



Enter Customer Number: Input your customer number for the biller, verifying if necessary.


Update and Add to Biller List: Complete the process to add the biller with the new account number to both QBO and TPO.


Repeat for Additional Accounts: If adding more account numbers in the future, repeat the same process for each new account.

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