Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication for the First Time as a User

Once Two-Factor Authentication has been enabled for a company, all users associated with that account will be required to submit two-factor authentication every time they log in.

All Two-Factor Authentication will be done with either Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator, both of which can be downloaded to your mobile device.


Log in to Telpay Online. If Two-Factor Authentication is required, you must select an authenticator to download to your mobile device.



Once your Authenticator is downloaded, link the authenticator to your Telpay account.

a. Scan the QR code with your mobile device.


b. Manually enter the code to your device using the letter provided.


Once you have linked the authenticator to your account, you will automatically be brought to the third step, where you enter your 6-digit one-time password.


Your one-time password will change every 30 seconds and will be accessible from the authenticator you choose on your mobile device. Telpay cannot reset your 2-factor credentials for you.

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