How to Make Payments to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

If you're making a CRA payment for the first time, you will need to add CRA in your list of billers in Telpay under Biller Management.


1. Go to 

2. Add "CRA" to your biller list under Biller Management.

Select “Pay Bills”

Then select “Biller Management” and click on “Add Biller”



2. Enter CRA Source Deductions, scroll for the results, select to open and add your CRA account information and click on "Add a Biller". 


3. Pay CRA

Select "Pay Bills" as per step 1 above.

Click on "Create Bill Payment"

Select CRA in the "Pay to" field, select the payment date, and complete the PD7A information. 

Once completed, click on “Add and Go to Payments”



Go to your payment list and you will see your CRA payment will be processed. Check the box right beside of payment details and click on “Preview”


Select the approver and hit send.




If another person is approving the payment, the file submission process is completed with their approval; your next step is simply to fund your Telpay account.


If you are the approver, please follow the next step.


Click on approval requests, check the approval box and finally hit “continue”.



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