Telpay for Business Version 7.0 Release Notes

This release will include following changes and fixes:


  1. Software updated automatically with the new release.
  2. Added a checkbox of allowing to view/import payroll as part of a user record. The default is unchecked. If a user does not have this checkbox checked, the user should not be able to view payroll information (history) and import a payroll file.
  3. Display a message to inform a user that they have to make full funding to a payroll file even though they delete an item in the payroll file when they make a deletion of an item in the payroll file. The message will be only displayed when there are still items left in the file after deletion. User deletes one payroll item in their payroll file and funds the amount of the payroll file less the deletion. The payroll then gets held as we don’t have enough money.
  4. Use the new Telpay logo with leaf in the login and main menu screen.
  5. Added link to TelpayFX.


  1. Fixed the error 91 "Object variable not set" in TPRestore which occurs if you click the OK button after entering the password in the System Administration Restore screen.
  2. Fixed the spelling of the word "information" from the bank account information caption in the Biller Information screen.
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