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Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD) Application for Service

Telpay's Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD) service is designed to serve an organization's payment collection needs for the following intended use: (Maximum limit per PAD as indicated)

  • Condo fees, property rentals 
  • Government and municipal remittances 
  • Professional organizations and club fees/memberships 
  • Recurring loan and interest payments 
  • Insurance premiums 
  • Recurring service fees 
  • Donations to registered charities 
  • Educational fees and services 
  • General memberships 

To apply for Telpay's PAD service, a business must be a Telpay for Business customer. 

For existing Telpay for Business customers, you will need to complete the Schedule I - Terms and Conditions Pre-Authorized Debit Service to get started. 

Step 1: Download the Schedule I - Terms and Conditions Pre-Authorized Debit Service. 

Step 2: Return the completed Schedule I to or fax to 1-866-396-2548.  

Step 3: Review Payments Canada Mandatory Requirements for Payor PAD Agreements

NOTE: Telpay requires a sample copy of a signed Payor's PAD agreement before this service can be activated.

For more information, contact Telpay at 800-665-0302 or


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