How International Payments Work with TelpayFX

You must have your International Biller's bank account information and enter it in the Beneficiary section on the TelpayFX platform or provide the information directly to TelpayFX

Note that you can send international payments by either electronic funds transfer or by wire transfer for quicker payment.  The International Payments fee for TelpayFX is all included in the exchange rate which s the actual live currency rate that you can immediately book.

Step 1: As a Telpay customer, sign up for a free account at TelpayFX, or contact by phone at 1-866-465-4157 or email at

Step 2: Once your application is approved and the account is set up, add your beneficiaries into the stand-alone TelpayFX platform or provide the information to TelpayFX to enter it for you. 

Step 3: You are now ready to start making international payments, currency conversions, and forwards directly on the TelpayFX platform 

Note: All transactions are conducted directly on TelpayFX and its exchange provider. 

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