FINTRAC: Acceptable Legal Documents Required for Business Structure


As part of our Know Your Client process, Telpay needs to confirm your business structure details. We require you to provide current legal documents that include the legal name of the business, full legal names of business Directors, Partners, or Sole Proprietors, and the registered address of the business.


*All documents must contain the information that is required. More than one document may be submitted if necessary in order to provide all mandatory information. For example, if you provide a partnership agreement that has the name of the businesses but does not have the addresses, that is not sufficient in and of itself. More documentation would be required to show the missing address information.


What are some examples of acceptable legal documentation?

 The documents you require will depend on how your business is structured.


A) Corporation

Definition: A corporation is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners. Under the law, corporations possess many of the same rights and responsibilities as individuals.)

These are some examples of acceptable legal documents that you may provide. Please note that all documents must include the names of all Directors:

    • Certificate of incorporation (Articles of Incorporation)
    • A record that has to be filed annually under provincial securities legislation. For example, annual financial statements or shareholder meeting materials.
    • Certificate of active corporate status.
    • A letter or notice of assessment for the corporation from a municipal, provincial, territorial or federal government. For example, the notice of assessment you received after filing income taxes for the corporation shows whether you have a refund or an amount owing.


B) All other entities (that are not corporations)

Definition: A sole proprietorship, a trust, a partnership, a fund, or an unincorporated association or organization.

These are some examples of acceptable legal documents that you may provide:

    • Partnership Agreement
    • Articles of Association
    • Most recent version of any other record that confirms your business and contains your name and address. For example, a Business License, business loan documentation, bank statement, or notice of assessment.
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